An attractive smile is an important social asset, and we take it seriously! We can help you get a smile you will be happy to share!

Snoring might seem like a minor nuisance, but it’s not. Snoring might be a sign that you have sleep apnea, a life-threatening condition.

If you’ve lost teeth, dental implants are the strongest, longest lasting, and most natural looking tooth replacements that you can get.

Jaw pain, headaches and dizziness are all symptoms of TMJ. You may have been told that it’s all in your head, but it may be all in your jaw!


At Kuzma Advanced Dentistry in Wilmington, North Carolina, we are dedicated to ensuring every patient receives compassionate, caring dental care based on the latest developments in dental techniques and technology. From preventive dental care to dental implants, we offer a full range of dentistry. Whether you are looking for a new dental home or a place that is capable of performing advanced, specialized cosmetic dentistry procedures, you can find it at Kuzma Advanced Dentistry.

If you’re looking for a new dentist in Wilmington, NC, we invite you to visit us and learn whether we’re the right dental practice for you. Please call 910-392-6060 or email Kuzma Advanced Dentistry today for an appointment.

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