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How To Get Better Sleep

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Maybe you work full-time, take care of children, help your spouse around the house, work a second job or passion project, or maybe there’s just too much Netflix to get through. Regardless, the area of your life where this extra work probably takes
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Want to Look Younger? 3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

It’s 2018 and maybe you’re feeling it. Your job has been difficult, you didn’t make it to the gym nearly as much as you wanted, and when you look in the mirror, what you see is someone a lot older than you remember them to be. Reconciling the way we feel with the way we
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The Sleep Diet: Get More Sleep and Lose Weight

For over a decade, public health officials have been concerned about growing obesity in America. According to a recent report conducted in 2016, five states had an obesity rate over thirty-five percent among adults, and twenty-four states were above thirty percent. If you’re one of the many who struggle with weight, your fallback might be
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Don’t Let Rumors Hold You Back: Dental Implants Are Safe and Reliable

Although dental care continues to improve dramatically, tooth loss is still prevalent. Worse, many of those suffering tooth loss believe that the only safe and reliable treatment option is dentures. That’s because despite being one of the most reliable cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental implants are misunderstood. Dental implants are
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Exercises to Relieve TMD Pain

Exercise has traditionally been one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions in America. There’s a reason why gyms are always packed in January. While there’s no doubt that working on your waistline is important, there are other forms of exercise that are also important for a pain-free 2018: TMD exercises. The temporomandibular joint functions
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