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What’s Up With All the Smiling Americans?

Featured on a recent episode of the podcast Invisibilia, an unforeseen difficulty arose in 1990 when McDonald’s first established itself in the Soviet Union: the workers wouldn’t smile. Famous for its “service with a smile” business model, the chain found itself up against cultural norms it had not expected. Anyone who has traveled abroad will
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The Unexpected Risks of Sleep Apnea

Probably you’ve heard the dangers of sleep apnea: it can increase risk of , heart attack, stroke, obesity, heart failure, and diabetes. But one danger threatens people around the apneic individual: accidents, which includes car accidents, truck accidents, and even train accidents. The National Transportation Safety Board reported that the common circumstances of the
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Dental Implants: the Right Care Requires the Right Tools

Now that you’ve got dental , it’s time to take care of them. Just as with natural teeth, infection is the enemy, and failure to properly care for your implants could mean costly repair or complications such as bone loss, which is irrevocable. Though much of your routine will remain the same, brushing and
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Toothache Is Leading “Avoidable” Cause of Emergency Department Visits

The emergency department (ED) is a stressed part of the US healthcare system. People use the ED unnecessarily for many reasons. Some people use the ED because they don’t have money and feel they won’t be turned away from care for that reason at the ED. People lacking access to preventive care may avoid seeing
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Money Problems Giving You Migraines? It Could Be Genetic

One of the difficulties of dealing with migraines is that they have so many potential triggers. Stress is definitely one of the most common triggers, and for many people there’s nothing more stressful than sitting down to pay the bills. However, not everyone is equally susceptible to this type of money-related migraine. In fact, new
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