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Tooth Pain Doesn’t Have to Lead to Tooth Loss

Is your tooth hurting? Many people worry that tooth pain is going to lead to tooth loss. It certainly can, but if you act quickly, we can usually save your teeth. Pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong. Although modern over-the-counter pain medication can make it easier to avoid pain--including tooth
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Benefits of TMJ Treatment with a Neuromuscular Dentist

For many people with TMJ, finding the right doctor can be a years-long quest. They may see general doctors, neurologists, chiropractors, and physical therapists, all with little or no success. But if you haven’t yet seen a for your condition, you should. Here’s why. Finally Get Relief from Symptoms If you’ve been suffering
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Do Shark Teeth Turn Black for the Same Reason as Yours?

Hunting for shark teeth is a popular weekend activity around Wilmington, NC. There are many places around here that draw people looking for shark teeth. If you’ve ever gone out with your kids to find shark teeth, they’ve probably asked you why shark teeth are black and not white like they are in the
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Gum Disease May Make It Harder to Get Pregnant

We know that gum disease isn’t just a disease of the mouth: it has systemic effects that can lead to many risks. We also know that gum disease has complex interactions with female hormones. It can increase a woman’s risk for pregnancy complications, and . But now researchers have identified a new connection, showing
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Sleep Apnea Hypertension Infographic Helps Spread Awareness

Several months ago, we highlighted the . Now we’ve developed an infographic to help spread awareness of these serious, potentially lethal complications. Why Revisit This Topic You might wonder why we want to come back to this topic that we’d already discussed at length. It’s because it’s that important. The truth remains that most
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