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Gum Disease May Make It Harder to Get Pregnant

We know that gum disease isn’t just a disease of the mouth: it has systemic effects that can lead to many risks. We also know that gum disease has complex interactions with female hormones. It can increase a woman’s risk for pregnancy complications, and . But now researchers have identified a new connection, showing
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Sleep Apnea Hypertension Infographic Helps Spread Awareness

Several months ago, we highlighted the . Now we’ve developed an infographic to help spread awareness of these serious, potentially lethal complications. Why Revisit This Topic You might wonder why we want to come back to this topic that we’d already discussed at length. It’s because it’s that important. The truth remains that most
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Show Jumping Can Lead to Dental Trauma

Some people love horses just for being majestic beasts. Others enjoy the fun and freedom of a casual ride. But some really love the challenge and excitement of competition with show jumping. And, really, this is one of the great ways to enjoy the unique pleasures that riding offers: the speed of the horse heading
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6 Reasons to Stop Putting off Your Smile Makeover

Many of us are unhappy with our smiles and want to get a smile makeover to restore the health and beauty of our smiles. Unfortunately, it’s also true that many of us keep putting off that smile makeover for years. But if you’re putting off your smile makeover, here are some reasons why you should
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What If I Lose a Tooth Next to My Implant?

Dental implants are not only the best tooth replacement option, it’s the option most likely to preserve your other teeth. But even so, you might lose a tooth next to your dental implant. If that happens, there are some good restoration options that can give you an attractive and functional result. How Dental Implants Protect
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