Beauty blogger Lindsay Schallon recently confessed that having to brush her teeth was one of the hardest things for her to do. She feels it’s the most onerous–or at least irksome–of her daily adult tasks, so she came up with a list of 10 things she’d rather do than brush her teeth.

Fair enough. But to Schallon and all you other toothbrushing haters, we propose the following list of 10 reasons why you shouldn’t put off brushing your teeth, but should rush to the bathroom to do it.

Get Clean Feeling Teeth

You know the feeling of fuzzy teeth. That doesn’t feel good, does it? You can tell from running your tongue along your teeth that there’s all kinds of gunkage stuck there. Wouldn’t it just be better to have clean teeth? Doesn’t that feel much better?

Help Protect Teeth from Decay

You know that gunk on your teeth? That’s plaque. And the longer you leave it on your teeth, the more damage it can do to your teeth. The more time you spend avoiding brushing, the more time the bacteria in plaque have to poop acid all over your teeth and damage them, leading to cavities.

Don't put off brushing your teeth!

Reduce Risk of Gum Disease

And, yeah, it’s not just your teeth that are damaged by bacterial acid poop–it’s your gums, too. And gum disease is most likely the way you’re going to lose a tooth.

Remove Food Particles from Teeth

Don’t you hate having a parsley leaf stuck in your teeth? Or one of those little broccoli podlets? Gross. And you know your boyfriend isn’t going to tell you–he’s too grossed out. But toothbrushing is a great way to get rid of those things so you have a smile that looks as clean as it feels.

Avoid Bad Breath

And those food particles stuck to your teeth don’t just look bad, they can smell bad, too. That’s because they’re just rotting there on your teeth. You don’t want to have rotten food breath, right?

Avoid Morning Breath

And getting rid of that food is only part of the reason why you’ll be avoiding bad breath–you’ll be taking care of bacteria, too. Overnight, bacteria can build up in your mouth, and that’s what can give you bad morning breath.

Cut off Snacking

You know how sometimes you’re just going to have one little snack before bed? And then it turns into another snack and another. Or maybe just one much bigger snack than you’d originally thought? Well, you can cut yourself off before you start by brushing sooner. Chocolate doesn’t seem so appealing once your mouth is full of toothpaste flavor.

The Sooner You Brush, the Sooner You Can Floss

We know, you probably hate flossing more than brushing. But the sooner you get it done, the less time you spend dreading it.

Have a Meditative Moment

Toothbrushing can be a great way to practice your mindfulness. It’s a way to focus on the day behind you, prepare yourself for the night ahead, and find a place of peace. Maybe that’s too much to ask from just two minutes, twice a day. Or maybe not.

Get to Bed Early

Whatever you’re doing instead of getting ready for bed is probably not good for you. Are you giving your boss extra hours by checking work emails? Are you checking social media? Playing Candy Crush? Bingeing one more episode of that addictive new show? None of that will be as good for your body and mind as getting to bed early. And brushing your teeth is the first step to making sure you do that.

Do You Need an Oral Hygiene Partner?

We won’t judge you if you have a hard time getting your teeth brushed. But we will help you do a better job and protect your oral health with regular cleanings and checkups.

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