Are you experiencing serious problems with your teeth? Does it seem like every month, maybe even every week there’s a new issue cropping up? Are you constantly talking to your dentist about fixing first one tooth, then another and another?

If that’s the case, maybe you will benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. A full mouth reconstruction looks at the systemic problems that are causing the individual tooth issues and strives to correct them all at once. This procedure will not only give you long-term results, it can actually save you money. And that makes it a great choice and a great value.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction Is Efficient

When we perform a full mouth reconstruction, we look at the issues you’re facing as a whole. We’re coming up with a comprehensive solution to these problems, instead of trying to come up with individual solutions to individual problems.

For one example, we might see that several of your teeth are failing and may need to be replaced. If we deal with each of those teeth individually, we may end up using more dental implants than if we removed them all at once and created an efficient dental bridge.

And when we design a comprehensive treatment plan, we can set it up with the minimum number of office visits necessary. You can get all your teeth prepared at the same visit and all your restorations placed at the same visit, instead of having multiple visits for each tooth restoration.

Saving time and money definitely helps make this a great value.

Head off Additional Damage

If you are experiencing one tooth problem after another, you should realize that these problems are not independent of one another. Current tooth problems can contribute to future ones. By resolving all your issues at once you can stop future damage so that you have fewer needed repairs to your teeth.

This is especially true if you have a bad bite and are experiencing TMJ, bruxism, or other effects. The bad bite causes significant wear and damage to your teeth. Not only that: it can damage restorations that have already been placed on other teeth, causing you to have to pay multiple times to fix the same tooth.

But with a full mouth reconstruction, we can design a full-mouth treatment that preserves both your teeth and your restorations.

Reduce Medical Costs

We’ve talked before about the close connection between oral health and general health. If your oral health is suffering, so is your overall health, and this can be reflected in your medical bills. If you have oral health problems, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars more for medical treatment related to conditions like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and more. You’re even more likely to end up in the hospital with the above or related conditions.

But with a full mouth reconstruction, we can address your oral health problems when we install restorations. This can improve your overall health and reduce your medical costs.

Don’t Forget the Benefits

A great value doesn’t just cost less, it offers many benefits. Let’s look at the benefits of a full mouth reconstruction, which include:

  • More attractive smile
  • Greater comfort
  • Better function
  • Improved longevity
  • Younger appearance

Getting all your oral health problems fixed at once will give you these benefits and also remove the stress that comes from worrying about what will go wrong next. This lets you enjoy your life better and devote yourself to what truly matters in your life.

Financing Can Help Bridge the Gap

Do you want to get a full mouth reconstruction but can’t fit it in your current budget? We can help. Financing can make your full mouth reconstruction more accessible. Although there are costs associated with financing, your full mouth reconstruction will still be a great value.

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