Kuzma Advanced Dentistry offers our Wilmington patients an opportunity to replace their missing teeth while also shaving years off their appearance. With FOY® Dentures, you can replace an entire jaw or mouth of teeth with beautiful and natural-looking dentures secured to the jaw with dental implants. The retention allows you to speak, eat, chew and apply a bite force just like you did with your natural teeth. As an added bonus, FOY® Dentures also help rejuvenate your appearance.

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What are FOY® Dentures?

Traditional dentures replace the top or bottom jaws of teeth but are completely removable. It’s common practice to remove them before bed every night and then place them back in the mouth in the morning. Although they give you back your ability to chew your favorite foods, they don’t feel very secure or natural. Since there are no tooth roots in your jaw to generate bone mass, your face begins to lose bone density and therefore age.

With FOY® Dentures, dental implants hold your false teeth in place to give you back the natural and secure feeling you had with your natural teeth. FOY® Dentures also use dental implants which rejuvenate your face’s appearance by restoring the lost volume in your face that occurs as a reaction to tooth loss. FOY® Dentures restore the lost volume in your face to reduce jowls, turkey neck and to redefine your jawline and reduce facial folds around the mouth. The procedures will restore your smile and your youthful appearance in one simple procedure.

Who Can Benefit from Denture Fountain of Youth®?

Almost any patient can benefit from Denture Fountain of Youth®  in Wilmington. We recommend FOY® Dentures to patients who are missing all or most of their teeth, who currently have traditional dentures and who want to improve their appearance. Schedule a consultation with our dentists to find out if you’re a good candidate for FOY® Dentures today.

Once we place your FOY® dentures, we use a T-Scan to digitally scan your bite force. This tells us the different force you use to bite at every point in your mouth. With this information, we can give you an even bite load for maximum comfort and dental health. Comfort is just as important for your FOY® results as your appearance.

How Do I Get FOY® Dentures in Wilmington?

If you’re interested in shaving years off your appearance and replacing your missing teeth with a comfortable solution at the same time, please call (910) 392-6060 to schedule a consultation for Denture Fountain of Youth®  with our dentists at our Wilmington dental office. You can also reach out to us with our online contact form. We look forward to rejuvenating your smile!