If you have dental anxiety, you may have been considering NuCalm to help you feel more comfortable during your dental visit. If you haven’t tried it, yet, you should understand that NuCalm doesn’t more than just calm anxious patients. It does that, but it also offers many other benefits that make it a great treatment even for people without dental anxiety. Here are some of the benefits that people experience from NuCalm.



Energy is one of the biggest benefits of NuCalm. When we describe NuCalm treatment as “relaxation dentistry,” we aren’t kidding–you will feel deeply relaxed while using it, and when you’re finished, you’ll probably feel deeply rejuvenated. You’ll probably feel that you have more energy than you’ve had in a long time.

In fact, the energizing effect of NuCalm is so significant that motivational speaker Tony Robbins has bought several NuCalm units for himself, and he uses it on a daily basis to help keep himself energized for his grueling speaking tours, or just to help keep his energy level topped off for maximum productivity.


NuCalm induces a state that, in terms of your brainwaves, is very similar to deep meditation. As a result, people not only feel relaxed, they find it easier to focus on the important issues. Like meditation, NuCalm can help quiet the noise in our minds so that we can identify our most important concerns and focus on them.

Pain Relief

Did you know that much of the discomfort you feel during and after your dental procedure is stress-related? By short-circuiting the body’s stress response, NuCalm can help you feel relaxed and comfortable during and after your procedure.


This benefit is mostly in comparison to practices like sedation dentistry. Unlike chemical sedation, NuCalm doesn’t interfere with your ability to think or act. While the treatment is in process, you will be relaxed, but you’ll still be conscious and fully capable of responding to requests. Before and after treatment, you’ll also be able to drive yourself to and from the procedure. You won’t need anyone to stay with you, and there won’t be lingering side effects to worry about. You’ll be fully capable of performing whatever other tasks are on your schedule the day of your procedure.


NuCalm won’t even interfere with your sleep. In fact, many people who use NuCalm report that it helps them to sleep more quickly and rest more deeply during sleep. The result is better sleep for one or more nights after using NuCalm.

How Will You Benefit?

Although these are all benefits that have been experienced by patients who use NuCalm, it’s impossible for us to say which ones you will experience–except for the main one: you’ll feel much more relaxed at your dental appointment. Whether you have anxiety that can make you miss dental checkups or if you just feel twitchy and uncomfortable during treatment, NuCalm can help.

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