mature couple hugging and smilingMany people think you only want a cosmetic dentist if you’re looking for a smile makeover or another major cosmetic transformation of your smile. While you definitely want a cosmetic dentist then, it’s not a bad idea to work with a cosmetic dentist for every procedure, including basic preventive care and restorations.

Here’s why.

Smile Will Look Beautiful

It’s not just cosmetic dentistry procedures like porcelain veneers that can impact the appearance of your smile. The truth is that any dental restoration has the potential to significantly alter the appearance of your smile, and it may be for the better or the worse.

If you’re already working with a cosmetic dentist, you don’t have to worry that a routine filling could turn out to be the one that ruins your smile.

More Options

One thing that sets cosmetic dentists apart is the variety of technologies that they use in their office. These technologies give you more options for your restorations. When it comes to tooth-colored fillings, most dentists may offer just one option, while a cosmetic dentist may offer two or three options, allowing you to decide which is the best balance of appearance, function, and cost.

Some of these options may have other benefits, too. They may require less removal of natural tooth material, may be more attractive, may be more durable, may protect against sensitivity.

Better Training

Cosmetic dentists are trying to stay at the leading edge of their profession. This includes not only offering new and better technologies and materials, it also means training how to handle those technologies.

All dentists have to take a certain amount of continuing education to remain licensed, but cosmetic dentists typically take two or three times as much continuing education as the legally required level. That can translate into better results for you.

Better Fit

Not all dentists are well-trained in ensuring that dental restorations like crowns and inlays don’t interfere with your bite. A cosmetic dentist, on the other hand, has trained in these problems because they are an essential part of procedures like a smile makeover. When a smile makeover completely reshapes your smile, a cosmetic dentist has to be able to ensure the new smile is also healthy.

If You Need a Cosmetic Dentist

And, of course, it’s quite likely that you’re going to want a cosmetic dentist in the future. Our smile is one of the things that can age us faster than we think is our smile.

If you don’t have a cosmetic dentist, you have to go through the process of choosing one, which can take a lot of time. But if you the dentist you already know and trust is a cosmetic dentist, you’ve eliminated the need to look for a second dentist.

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