A 2018 survey conducted by DentaVox revealed some interesting information about how patients feel when visiting the dentist. Of the 18,000 individuals that participated, 61% stated they suffer from dental anxiety.

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Why The Fear?

The biggest anxiety within the report was at 39%, which was a fear of pain. Meanwhile, 24% had anxiety around chemicals, and 21% didn’t like the sound of the drill.

There are added factors connected to dental anxiety. Some people worry about neglect during treatments. There’s also stress around a Wilmington dentist “rushing” through procedures. Another is bad childhood memories or past experiences. At times, it’s the idea of interrupting your workday. Many worry about the “to-do” list left behind during your visit.

Regular visits to your dentist in Wilmington are key to maintaining good oral health. When anxiety prevents you from doing so, this can lead to dental issues.

Is fear holding you back from visiting your local dentist in Wilmington? Below are 7 ways to help with dental anxiety.

1. Communication and Trust

Two key factors to overcoming dental anxiety are knowing you have trust and good communication with your Wilmington dentist. Feel free to share your anxious thoughts. Write a list of questions or concerns before your appointment. Knowing that you are in control throughout the visit can offer peace of mind. If you have any unsettling memories from the past, don’t be afraid to tell your dentist. You can work together to remove anything that “triggers” or amplifies your stress. This will ultimately help reduce dental anxiety.

In addition, knowing you are in capable hands will put you at ease. Ensure you are with a dentist in Wilmington that you know, trust, and feel good with.

2. Choose The Right Time

If the idea of leaving work behind is adding to your stress, book something after office hours. Regardless, select a day and time where you won’t feel “rushed”. Maybe an early appointment is ideal? Perhaps something on a Saturday might offer a lax feeling? Either way, choosing the right time for your Wilmington dental visit will create more of a calm feeling. This will ultimately help with your nerves.

3. You Are What You Eat (and Drink)!

To stay as calm as possible before your visit, try avoiding caffeine before your appointment. Plus, refrain from sugary food, and reach for high-protein items. Watching what you eat and drink before visiting your Wilmington dentist will help put you at ease.

4. Music Can Help

Some patients have nightmares about the dentist’s drill. Other sounds within a dental office can cause anxiety, too. Combat this by bringing some earphones along. Cue your phone’s favorite playlist and enjoy some tunes.

5. Hand Signals

Your dentist in Wilmington has a wide range of hand signals to empower patients. This works perfectly to help communicate during a treatment. You can offer up a hand signal when you need a break or feel uncomfortable. This alerts your dentist to stop the procedure. This also acts as a reminder that you are in control of the situation.

6. Remember To Breathe

Sometimes when people get nervous, they hold their breath. This reduces oxygen levels and enhances anxiety. If you feel stressed during a dental procedure, remember to focus on your breathing. Take slow and regular deep breaths. Easier said than done at times. If you do feel anxiety building up, use a hand signal to stop the treatment. This allows you to take a break. During this time, you can refocus on breathing to calm down.

7. Need A New Dentist?

Your current dentist in Wilmington might not be the right fit, and that’s okay. Maybe you’ve pushed aside actively looking for a dental office because of your anxiety. If you are searching for a new Wilmington dentist, reach out to family and friends for recommendations.

Narrow down a list, then look for online reviews about what others in the community have to say. Feel free to call your top three choices and ask questions about procedures. You can even book a visit to check out the office. You want a dentist in Wilmington, NC that is knowledgeable, with experience, and also someone you feel comfortable with.

Looking For A Dentist in Wilmington, NC?

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