It’s 2018, and although we don’t have all the amazing technologies we were promised, we have several no one imagined. Self-driving cars are on their way, computers can fit in our pockets, and there are nano robots capable of delivering drugs to specific parts of our body. In the world of dentistry, advancements are no different.

In China, a robot successfully performed dental surgery on a patient, and in the U.S., researches are working on a new technique that could make dental fillings obsolete, preferring to regrow tooth particles rather than using foreign materials to fill a cavity. Many of these new advances will certainly change the world of dentistry, but have either not been approved for human testing or haven’t been approved for public use. However, there are several futuristic treatments dentist have been using for years, improving treatment options for several patients.

3 Treatments From the Future

Biolase Soft Tissue Laser

While the treatment isn’t exactly the laser sword sci-fi movies promised, there are significant advantages to using soft tissue lasers rather than traditional methods. Dental lasers provide patients with a minimally-invasive alternative that saves time, minimizes discomfort, and hastens recovery time in patients. Generally, the treatment is used for gum disease, cleaning out bacteria in gum pockets.


For those who experience severe dental anxiety, NuCalm technology provides patients with an alternative to sedation drugs so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair. By using natural sleep hormones, a gentle electric stimulus (cranial electrotherapy stimulation), neuroacoustic software, and a light-blocking eye mask, NuCalm creates a calming effect that successfully disarms 95% of patient stress responses. Whether you have to have a general checkup or a cosmetic procedure, NuCalm is a great choice for anxiety control. Plus, many patients experience other benefits after using NuCalm, such as more energy, better creativity, and improved focus.

Smile Imaging

Many patients who feel embarrassed by their smile are also reluctant to start the process of improving it through cosmetic dentistry. What smile image technology offers is the opportunity to see what your smile would look like with different procedures, giving you more confidence about your decision. We just take a digital image of your smile, and apply your chosen techniques before you decide to start the treatments. It also helps us understand exactly what you’re looking for so we can precisely deliver the smile of your dreams.

While we don’t yet have robot dentists or genetic modifications that allow us regrow teeth, the advanced technology used by dentist is continually helping to improve the lives of patients. If you’ve been putting off a procedure, or are in need of a general check up, then there is no better time to schedule an appointment!

With other technologies like digital x-rays and bite scans, you can ensure you’re getting the best treatment possible.

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