Let’s face it: you are your own toughest critic. This is doubly true when it comes to the appearance of your dentures. No one else will spend as much time with your dentures as you will. No one will look at them as closely as you do. And no one will be as aware of any potential flaws as you.

That’s why we offer the highest-quality FOY® Dentures so that even when you’re looking at them closely and critically, you’ll feel delighted with how beautiful your dentures look. Here are some of the issues that people experience with regular dentures, and how FOY® Dentures solve these problems. If you opt for implant-supported dentures, even more of your problems will become solved.

mature woman showing off her beautiful dentures

Translucency Around Teeth

One of the most common denture complaints is that the gum tissue is too translucent. This isn’t just because the gum tissue is thin, but it’s often because the acrylic base isn’t very dense. This makes it translucent, which can make the teeth more visible under the gums.

You might not think that this matters, but the result is that so much more of the tooth will be visible under the gums. As a result, your denture teeth can look longer, and it may even make it look as though you have receding gums. The result can be a less healthy-looking appearance.

FOY® Dentures use a dense acrylic that helps conceal the necks of your teeth so that your dentures will look like healthy teeth. And it has several other benefits, too. It makes them easier to clean and makes them less likely to pick up odors. Check out some of the FOY dentures before and after photos to see the difference for yourself.

Aesthetics of Gum Tissue

Another common denture complaints we hear often is that the base doesn’t look very much like natural gums. This has always been a problem in the history of dentures. First, the color of the denture base may be unnaturally pink. Common dentures have only a limited number of shades of denture base available, which includes just a few shades for each ethnicity.

Another problem is that the denture base may use a design that resembles a natural appearance. The dental base may not be as naturally textured as it could be. It may have some curvature around the teeth, but not as much as your natural gums may have. And the denture base will likely lack detailing to help them look natural.

FOY® Dentures use the best techniques for manufacturing the denture base. This includes naturalistic shaping around your teeth the same as natural gums. They also use layered acrylics to create the appearance of natural tissue, and along with the layering, the base includes naturalistic details such as replica blood vessels. The end result is the most natural-looking dentures available.

Shape of Teeth

Common dentures have a relatively small number of options for the shape of teeth. In fact, many common dentures come with the standard teeth already installed. You aren’t allowed to select the shape of your teeth.

But with FOY® Dentures, you’re allowed to completely customize your smile. You can select a smile that meets your personal cosmetic goals. There are sets of teeth you can choose from, but we can mix and match them, too. You can even choose each tooth individually so you can get a smile that is uniquely yours.

In addition to selecting your teeth, we can also design the unique placement of the teeth. We can build in a slight gap, a partial rotation of an individual tooth, and other placement variations to ensure your smile is uniquely your own.

Naturalistic Tooth Texture

Another one of the common denture complaints when it comes to the appearance of their denture teeth is that the teeth themselves look flat. That’s because of the materials they’re made out of. Plastic teeth will, of course, look plastic, and when the light shines on them, they’ll be clearly artificial.

But even some ceramic teeth have a similar problem. If their surface is too smoothly glazed, they will present a flat appearance that is unlike natural teeth, which have a textured surface. This is especially evident in natural light.

On the other hand, FOY® Dentures use teeth that have a textured surface, which helps them become the most natural-looking dentures all light conditions.

Do You Want Beautiful Dentures?

If you are looking for the most attractive dentures that modern technology can achieve, then you are looking for FOY® Dentures that utilize the latest innovations in materials and processing to ensure beautiful dentures. They are the most real looking dentures on the market. We can also talk about dental implants, which can make your dentures as functional as they are attractive.

To learn more about FOY® Dentures in Wilmington, NC it’s a clear choice to call (910) 392-6060  for an appointment with denture dentist Dr. Michael J. Kuzma at Kuzma Advanced Dentistry.