If you have trouble sleeping through the night or you wake up feeling tired, listening to white noise while you sleep might help. Although sleep experts agree that listening to white noise either through an app, a machine or turning on a fan can help soothe you to sleep, there isn’t much data to back it up. Sleeping well is not only important for feeling energized during the day but it also contributes to your overall health, mental health and helps enhance your immune system – which is something we all want to take seriously right now. So do white noise apps really help you sleep?

woman listening to airpods in bed

What You Need to Know About White Noise

For people who claim that white noise helps them sleep, it functions by acting as a way to create anti-noise. So instead of focusing on a bunch of individual sounds like a car driving by, or your dog barking outside, your brain focuses on the constant white noise instead. This can prevent your brain from becoming distracted by every single small noise that may pop up.

There are a lot of different white noise sounds that may help you sleep. Some machines generate the sounds of rain, a thunderstorm, or ocean waves. People also might turn on a fan or use an app that makes the sound of a fan to help them sleep. Dr. Shalini Paruthi, a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends keeping the white noise going all night while you sleep. She claims that it’s important to wake up in the same environment you fell asleep in to make it easier to fall back asleep in case you wake up during the night.

Routine is Important for Good Sleep

Bodies like routines. If you follow the same routine for going to sleep every night it will help you unwind much faster to help you fall asleep quickly. For instance, if you take a hot shower, dim the lights and do a bit of light reading, and turn on your white noise every night before going to sleep, your body will cue its stage for melatonin production at the right time. Sticking to the same bedtime with the same routine is also extremely helpful for falling asleep at night.

Still Not Sleeping Well?

If you start a bedtime routine that includes using white noise and you’re still waking up feeling tired and like you didn’t sleep well, there might be another problem going on. If you’re snoring through the night, feeling tired during the day, and finding it difficult to concentrate, you might have sleep apnea. Fortunately, at Kuzma Advanced Dentistry, we can refer you to get a sleep test to find out. Once you have a diagnosis, we can provide you with sleep apnea or snoring treatment to help you get a better night of sleep. With the right treatment, you will wake up feeling rested and restored for the day. Contact our Wilmington, NC dental office to learn more about our treatment options.