The food we eat not only has an effect on our bodies but also has an effect on our teeth. Even though some of your favorite foods contain high acidity levels, it’s important to keep acidity in moderation for good oral health.

Acidic foods are bad for your teeth because acid causes your enamel to weaken. When your enamel weakens, you allow other factors to disrupt your mouth’s natural state. However, visiting your dentist for regular appointments detects erosion early on and helps prevent issues over time.

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Acidic Foods Cause Sensitive Teeth

Acidic foods and drinks demineralize your teeth, which leads to weaker, more sensitive teeth. When acid sticks to your enamel, the enamel begins to soften. Though brushing after meals help your teeth stay healthy, brushing too soon can erode your enamel even faster.

In these cases, your weakened tooth enamel doesn’t have time to strengthen again. Therefore, your teeth begin to decay, leaving the dentin exposed. The exposed dentin then causes sensitivity in your mouth.

Additionally, lower layers of your teeth stain quicker and easier than enamel. When your natural tooth protection is no longer available, your teeth will discolor faster than normal.

Our patients often come in with weakened teeth due to at-home whitening strips. At Kuzma Advanced Dentistry, we offer dentist-recommended whitening that helps maintain beautiful teeth without harm.

How to Prevent Dental Erosion

First, you can balance out any acidic foods with basic foods (these are foods with high pH levels) or by drinking water with meals. Basic foods include dairy products, grains, and lean white meats, such as chicken and fish.

Regular visits to your dentist also help prevent dental erosion. When you visit our cosmetic dentists, they will identify erosion and its causes in early stages. Here at Kuzma Advanced Dentistry, we diagnose the issue by helping you plan a better diet for your teeth. Additionally, we remind you of other oral care habits such as including fluoride in your daily routine.

Acidic Foods to Watch Out For

Some foods contain very high acidity levels, which means they have low pH levels. For example, citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, are high in acidity.

Be careful of your morning coffee, too! Coffee, teas, and alcohol have the same effect as citrus fruits. Furthermore, pickles, cranberries, and tomato products weaken your enamel over time. After you eat foods high in acidity, be sure to drink water and brush your teeth.

Visit Dr. Kuzma

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