The truth of the matter is that having an attractive smile is a vital social and professional asset. People respond in a more positive way to a person with an attractive smile. And if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, it will show in your confidence. So if you have an unattractive smile, it’s likely to affect your job.

But there are some professions where a smile is critical to success. Here are a few of the professions that rely most heavily on their smiles. If you’re in one of these professions or aspire to them, it might be especially important to get your smile makeover.

Your smile matters


Politicians always need some degree of charm, but that can mean many different things, depending on your country. In the US, it means having a great smile. Our culture highly values leaders with healthy, energetic smiles.

Why do we want our politicians to be smiling so much? Politicians are constantly trying to win their job back, and getting hired is one of the times your smile matters most. And, if you have a good opinion of politicians, you might also note that a smile makes it easier to speak unpopular truths. And that a healthy, attractive smile makes people look more intelligent and more compassionate. And that’s what we want our leaders to be, right?

Models and Actors

But perhaps even more than politicians, models and actors rely on their smile not just to get their job, but to do their job. Models may not smile on the runway, but they usually smile when they’re doing their endorsements. That’s because advertisers want us to think their product will bring happiness, and there’s not better visual sign of this than a smile.

Sure, some actors can get by with less attractive smiles, but it’s more likely to relegate people to character actor roles, playing a rotating lineup of villains’ henchmen. To get the part as a leading actor or actress these days, you need to have a smile that can charm the audience.


As a salesperson, your smile does so much for you. It can get people to stop and listen, first of all, but it also builds trust. Smiles can make you look more trustworthy, and, as with models, it establishes positive associations for whatever it is you’re selling. Overall, studies show that people are much more eager to buy when they see a smile–and they may be prepared to pay twice as much.

Anything Kickstarted

You might be thinking that the digital economy means there’s less emphasis on your smile, but that’s not necessarily true. In some ways, your smile matters more when people can’t hear your voice or feel the firmness of your handshake. All they have is your words and your profile picture.

And that’s where your smile can make a difference. It has to engender trust, build an emotional connection, and demonstrate your competence. Studies have shown that in microlending situations or in trying to get funding through Kickstarter, your smile makes a big difference in how much attention you get and how well your project gets funded.

Will a Better Smile Help in Your Job?

When it’s all said and done, a smile makeover can make more of a difference for your image than new clothes. And for many people, the benefits radiate out from their smile, leading to benefits in your personal and professional lives. And when it comes to your personal confidence, this can make all the difference in the world.

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