There are many reasons one could cite that make Katy Perry an international superstar: her voice, her songwriting talent, and, above it all, her wonderful showmanship. She knows how to create additional energy for her appearances on stage and screen using unique characterizations of costume and scenery.

And speaking of appearances, most of us would probably say that she has little to complain about on that score. But just to remind us that everyone has something about their appearance that they’re unhappy with, Katy Perry recently revealed that she doesn’t like her crooked lower teeth. But she doesn’t want to get them fixed because she doesn’t want to commit to braces.

It would be one thing if the pop star had said she was content with her crooked teeth, but her reluctance shows that she’s not aware that braces are easier than they’ve ever been.

A Caricature of Braces

It’s probably not a coincidence that one of Perry’s most iconic creations is her metal-faced alter-ego Kathy Beth Terry from the video for “Last Friday Night.” The exaggerated headgear and colorful braces show a vision of braces as a highly invasive and restrictive procedure. The procedure she imagines is one that defines your identity for years. It’s the kind of orthodontic procedure that no one can see past, that can lead to a virtual social isolation. It’s the opposite of the outgoing, fun, energetic persona she has worked so hard to create.

The New Braces

But the braces procedure that Perry imagines is nothing like the braces of today. New braces options mean that braces can be subtle and unintrusive. No one needs to know that you have braces if you don’t want them to.

With Invisalign, the clear plastic aligners are not only transparent, they’re completely removable. They don’t interfere with your diet or any of your activities. With clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, they’re very hard to see.

If you are unhappy with crooked teeth, don’t let outdated conceptions of orthodontics keep you from getting the straight smile you want. Teens and adults can both benefit from new advances in dentistry. To learn how new dental techniques can help you, please call (910) 392-6060 for an appointment with a Wilmington, NC cosmetic dentist at Kuzma Advanced Dentistry.