One important concern about receding gums is that it can contribute to tooth loss. That’s because the level of bone in your jaw supporting your teeth is related to the level of your gums. If your teeth are loose, it’s a major warning that they are in danger of being lost.

But what if your teeth seem sturdy? Should you still be concerned about receding gums? Yes. And here’s why.


Bone Loss Is Progressive

If your gums are receding, there’s no guarantee that they’re finished receding. Once receding starts, it can progress until the cause of recessing is found and addressed. Whether that’s brushing too hard, a removable denture, oral piercings, gum disease, or other cause, we need to find out why your gums are receding and stop it.

With overbrushing or flossing, we can teach you how to better care for your teeth and clean them without irritating gums. With removable denture or oral piercings, we need to remove the source of irritation. The denture might have to be replaced with a dental implant or dental bridge, and you might need to remove your jewelry.

Gum disease treatment can stop the progression of the disease, but it won’t lead your gums to regrow.

Once the cause has been addressed, the Chao ® Pinhole Surgical Technique allows us to restore your gums to a healthier position and may allow for bone to regrow around your teeth.

Root Cavities Are Damaging

Your teeth are made up of two parts: a crown that’s covered with white, smooth enamel, and a root that’s faced with dull-colored, rough-textured cementum. Cementum works well for attaching to the ligaments that hold your tooth in place, but it’s vulnerable to decay.

Cavities that develop in the root of your tooth can be hard to treat, and often lead to the loss of the tooth.

Covering up the root will help protect your tooth from loss.

The Appearance of Your Smile

It’s also important to remember that a beautiful smile isn’t just teeth. Your gums have an important role to play, too. When your gums have receded, it can make your smile look unhealthy. It can even make your teeth appear crooked, even if they’re straight.

Restoring your gums to a healthy level is an ideal complement to gum recontouring and helps ensure that your smile has a health balance of teeth and gums.

Receding Gums Treatment in Wilmington, NC

Are you concerned about receding gums? At Kuzma Advanced Dentistry, we can identify the cause of recession and restore your gums to a healthy position.

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