As evidenced by the development of a robot dentist, we are constantly looking for ways to improve already highly successful procedures in dentistry. One way that researchers are trying to do that is with the use of nanodiamonds, which can improve healing and provide support in both dental implant and root canal procedures.

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Nanodiamonds Lead the Way for Dental Implants

If your jawbone has been damaged by gum disease or other causes of bone loss, surgeons try to repair the jawbone before placing dental implants. To do this, they may implant a sponge that contains proteins that stimulate your bone regrowth. But researchers have found that nanodiamonds actually work better to carry those proteins.

Instead of surgically implanting a sponge, the nanodiamonds can be delivered using just an injection or a rinse, because they can more effectively hold the proteins. Nanodiamonds also release the proteins more slowly, allowing for a better time-release effect that can encourage bone growth over prolonged periods. Nanodiamonds could also be applied at the same time as dental implants to make a more effective, one-step procedure for many people who currently have to wait until after a bone graft to get their dental implants.

These Rocks Don’t Lose Their Shape

Nanodiamonds may also help to make root canals more successful. Like dental implants, root canals are already a very successful procedure, but when they fail, the results can be bad. Not only can you lose your teeth, but the resulting infection can spread.

Nanodiamonds can help by being added to the filler material used in root canals. As with the proteins used to stimulate bone growth, the nanodiamonds can be used to hold onto a slow-release antibiotic that can combat infection from any residual bacteria left in the tooth.

Nanodiamonds added to filler material also increase the strength, which may reduce the need for a reinforcing post in your root canaled tooth.

Will It Be Expensive?

It’s a common misconception that whenever there are diamonds, it’s got to be expensive, but that’s part of the benefit of nanodiamonds. Nanodiamonds are actually industrial byproducts, making them very affordable for research, and won’t add a lot of cost to these procedures, although they will improve the results.

Although it will likely be years before this technology will be available, at Kuzma Advanced Dentistry, we use some of the most advanced techniques available to ensure the best odds of success for your procedures. Please call (910) 392-6060 for an appointment with a Wilmington, NC dentist to learn more.