closeup portrait of woman smilingIn the past, cosmetic dentistry was limited in its appeal, but today more and more people are asking for it. In fact, at Kuzma Advanced Dentistry, all the dentistry we practice is cosmetic dentistry—if it doesn’t look good, then it’s not done right. We think we’re ahead of the trend, and eventually, everyone will see it as we do. Why? People see many good reasons to choose cosmetic dentistry.

Get a Beautiful Smile

Of course, the main reason why people choose cosmetic dentistry is to get a more attractive smile. Modern cosmetic dentistry has the power to give you a smile that is beautiful and meets your smile goals. You can completely control your new smile. You can get brighter teeth, longer teeth, and change the shape of your teeth to create the perfect smile you want.

Natural-Looking Results

In the past, cosmetic dentistry could look fake. Restorations didn’t properly balance the size and shape of your face, which could make them look prominent and blocky. They were often made too white. Plus, the materials used looked too plastic and had a flat surface glare.

Modern cosmetic dentistry uses the latest understanding of the proper proportions of natural teeth to make your teeth in balance with your facial proportions. We can balance the whiteness of your restorations so they look white but remain natural in appearance. Plus, modern dental materials have a surface luster like natural tooth enamel.

Look Younger Longer

In the past, people had few expectations of having a quality life after the age of 60, but today we see that our golden years can be truly golden. We can live active, energetic lives full of everything that only the youth used to do. Exercise, travel, and self-discovery are all within reach of people in what used to be our waning years.

To truly enjoy these later years, we want to look as young as we feel. Unfortunately, an aged smile can give away your age. Because there’s no way (yet!) to exercise your tooth enamel and keep it fit, cosmetic dentistry has to step in to restore our smiles.

Get a Long-Lasting Smile

The first porcelain veneers were very fragile. In fact, the ones used in movies in the pioneering days of the 30s were so fragile that stars had to take them out when the cameras weren’t running for fear that they’d break. And though these teeth looked good on screen, they weren’t as attractive in person.

Today, we have access to stronger and more attractive materials than in the past. You can get porcelain veneers that will last ten years or more without worrying. And with dental implants, we can replace lost teeth with new versions that look and function just like your natural teeth–who wouldn’t want that?

A Healthier Smile

Some of the materials used for old dental restorations looked very unattractive. Metal amalgam fillings are the worst. Although they start silver, they often rust and turn black, making them look as bad as if not worse than the cavities they replace. Not only are these fillings unattractive, but they’re also bad for your teeth and, possibly, for your overall health.

New tooth-colored fillings can replace metal amalgam fillings. Tooth-colored fillings beautify your teeth and make your teeth healthier—AND can reduce your exposure to toxic mercury.

More Convenient Than Ever

In the past, cosmetic dentistry could be challenging to get. You had to go into the dentist, bite into plaster or some other type of goo to make an impression, then wait weeks to get your dental restorations. Plus, you had to be prepared to pay the total cost of your procedure as soon as it was complete.

Modern cosmetic dentistry is a lot more convenient. Digital impression technology means we just wave a wand over your teeth to make an impression of them. We can design your restorations on a computer in our office, and for some, we can then build them in our diamond milling machine. If we have to send your design out to a lab, the lab can get the information more quickly with digital transmission. That way, you get your restorations faster, too.

Finally, thanks to expanded dental financing, it’s possible to set up a payment plan–sometimes with no interest–to pay for your cosmetic dentistry over a few months or a couple of years. This makes cosmetic dentistry more convenient and affordable than ever.

Be Free to Enjoy Life

Looking at old pictures, you’ll see that few people smiled. In the past, smiling was considered a sign of madness or an unsavory character. Only children were allowed to get away with it, but once we became adults, we were expected to frown for the rest of our lives, and if we smiled, it was something we kept behind closed doors.

These days, having something to smile about is part of the American Dream. It’s part and parcel of that we should have a smile we feel good about and comfortable sharing. If your American Dream is tarnished by a smile that’s discolored or crooked, cosmetic dentistry can help.

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