Several months ago, we highlighted the strong connections between sleep apnea and hypertension. Now we’ve developed an infographic to help spread awareness of these serious, potentially lethal complications.

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Why Revisit This Topic

You might wonder why we want to come back to this topic that we’d already discussed at length. It’s because it’s that important. The truth remains that most people don’t know much about the dangers of sleep apnea. That’s partly why so many cases of sleep apnea go undiagnosed.

Many people have a good sense of the dangers of hypertension. They are used to getting their blood pressure checked by their doctor or even using the blood pressure machine at the pharmacy while they’re waiting for their prescription to get filled. However, many people don’t realize that sleep apnea is a major contributor to high blood pressure.

Sleep apnea can interfere with your body’s ability to regulate many bodily systems, including blood pressure. The repeated demands for increased blood flow in periods of low oxygen can lead to more constantly raised blood temperature. Even worse, sleep apnea leads to treatment-resistant hypertension. For many people with high blood pressure, treating sleep apnea has to be part of the overall treatment plan.

So it’s important to highlight the connection between these conditions.

Why an Infographic

Having developed a significant discussion of the connections between the two conditions, we wondered how we could help spread awareness more. An infographic seems like the perfect choice. With an infographic, we felt we could potentially reach more and different people than we did with our article.

Some people are highly responsive to images. Where a big block of text turns them off, a graphic that highlights the information seems very clear to them and they see and understand the ideas much more readily.

And we can’t neglect the importance of clickability. People click on images, and that’s what really helps us reach people. If no one clicks on the article, no one sees the information, and no one benefits.

Plus people are more likely to share an infographic than they are to share a text article. This expands the reach of the information even further. By reaching not just the one person interested, we’re now reaching all their friends and family.

Using both text and an infographic helps us reach the widest audience.

A Dentist That Cares about Your Entire Health

Most people think of their dentist as someone who cares only about their teeth. However, Wilmington, NC dentist Dr. Michael L. Kuzma cares about his patients completely. He isn’t concerned with just the mouth. He cares about their overall health and their overall physical and mental wellbeing. Offering treatment for sleep apnea and TMJ is part of this comprehensive approach.

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