Crooked teeth are much more than embarrassing. Even though they can feel like something that can wait, crooked teeth impact your life in more ways than one. On the most basic level, they can affect your confidence and even your job performance. But they also create oral health problems, as well. Crooked teeth can be more difficult to properly clean, they can create bite problems, and can even increase your chances of gum disease.

Maybe you’ve considered treatment in the past but braces don’t sound like a reasonable solution. Too much metal and wasted time. What other options are there? Invisalign is an amazing development in orthodontics that can straighten teeth in half the time of traditional braces.

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What is Invisalign?

In the past decade, Invisalign has become the number one choice for orthodontic correction in adults — and for good reason. By using the same principles as traditional braces, applying a small amount of force to teeth over a set period of time, Invisalign encourages the body to reshape the bone around the teeth without the use of wires and brackets that are unsightly and uncomfortable.To do this, Invisalign uses a predetermined number of BPA-free plastic trays, called aligners, that fit comfortably over your teeth throughout the day and night.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Orthodontics

When comparing traditional orthodontics with Invisalign, the most obvious benefit is time of treatment. While braces can take up to five years, Invisalign will only take between one to one and a half years. In fact, depending on the severity of the problem, it can sometimes correct crooked or crowded teeth in as little as six months. New Invisalign technologies mean that treatment time is shorter than ever.

Add this to the fact that Invisalign requires no visible wires or brackets, which are hard to clean, can restrict diet, and may break, and Invisalign becomes the clear winner.

A Custom-Crafted Solution With No Surprises

After you’ve chosen Invisalign, you and Dr. Kuzma will use your first appointment to clearly set out your cosmetic goals. Then, using computer imaging, Dr. Kuzma will determine the amount of movement required to meet those goals and align your teeth. Through this process, you will know exactly what to expect in the coming months, including how many tray rotations you will need.

Having crooked teeth is more than a simple aesthetic issue. If you’re tired of living with crooked teeth, then it may be time to schedule an appointment. Only you and your dentist can determine if Invisalign is right for you.

The only way to know for sure whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign is to be evaluated in person by a cosmetic dentist. To schedule a consultation about Invisalign in Wilmington, NC, please call (910) 392-6060 or email Kuzma Advanced Dentistry.