There are almost no smiles that cannot be saved with a smile makeover. Problems like extreme decay, missing teeth, and unattractive teeth can all be addressed using the modern technology and approach of smile makeovers.

A smile you might think is hopeless can be made beautiful again.

before and after image of patient of Dr. Kuzma

Actual patient of Dr. Michael Kuzma

Decayed and Missing Teeth

If you are prepared to give up on your smile because your teeth are badly decayed or even missing, stop and consider how this can be repaired. Decayed teeth can be treated with tooth colored fillings, including both composite fillings and ceramic fillings. For a small number of fillings, we can even make them in our office using our advanced CEREC machine.

If your teeth have become infected, we may be able to save them with root canal therapy. But if not, the situation still isn’t hopeless.

Dental implants can be used to replace lost teeth. From one missing tooth to an entire arch of teeth, dental implants can replace lost teeth with fully functional artificial teeth that look and function as well as the lost teeth. In fact, FOY ® Dentures utilize the latest techniques in design and manufacturing to ensure they are the most attractive dentures available.

Cracked, Chipped, and Worn Teeth

But perhaps it’s not decay that’s your problem. You might be ready to give up on your teeth because they keep chipping and breaking. You might not know the cause of it, and can’t seem to stop it from happening, as your dentist repairs one after another. And then the restorations start breaking.

The secret in this case might be temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), a bite disorder that can destroy your teeth. For many people, a poorly balanced bite is the cause of this condition, and the bite gets worse with wear.

But we can repair your teeth and rebalance your bite so you won’t experience more tooth damage and wear. Dr. Michael Kuzma is a neuromuscular dentist who understand the relationship between the components of the mouth system, including the teeth, the jaw, the muscles, and nerves. Using advanced technology including our K-7 system and T-Scan digital bite measurement, we can design a balanced bite and confirm that it’s balanced so your new smile won’t collapse like your old.

cute woman showing off wide smile

Mismatched and Unattractive Restorations

But what if your old smile makeover is the problem? Or if you’ve been receiving restorations piece by piece over the years. Can your smile be restored into a single uniform appearance? Yes, it can. We can remove old restorations and replace them with more attractive modern alternatives. That way you can enjoy a smile that is beautiful and looks as if it’s your natural teeth.

We understand that if you’ve had unattractive cosmetic dentistry in the past, you might be reluctant to trust another cosmetic dentist. But we encourage you to look in the smile gallery at the superb results Dr. Kuzma can achieve and you will see that he can give you a truly exceptional cosmetic result.

No Smile Is Hopeless

It’s hard to look at your current smile and see the potential for beauty, health, and function, but it’s there. And we can see it. Don’t spend another day imagining your smile is hopeless, please call (910) 392-6060 today for an appointment with Wilmington, NC cosmetic dentist Dr. Kuzma at Kuzma Advanced Dentistry.