Whether you’re 30 years old or 60 years old, entering a new relationship with a CPAP isn’t always easy. The first sleepover with your new partner might feel embarrassing or be life-threatening if you ignore your condition altogether. In a recent episode of The Conners a spin-off of the hit show Roseanne, Dan Conner is faced with an awkward conversation with his new girlfriend when he spends the night with her for the first time. At Kuzma Advanced Dentistry in Wilmington, NC, we want to help you avoid this awkward conversation and provide you with a more convenient sleep apnea treatment.

Introducing the CPAP

man sleeping with cpap machine maskWhen you’re staying the night at your new partner’s home for the first time, you have to decide whether you’re bringing the CPAP in your overnight bag or not. Sometimes, you might not even anticipate staying the night and you’re caught off guard. Do you stay and get a terrible night of sleep? Or do you go home and use your CPAP?

In the recent episode of The Conners, Dan Conner decides to not bring his CPAP along to his sleepover due to feeling embarrassed. After his girlfriend falls asleep, he realizes he cannot sleep without his CPAP. He then proceeds to turn on a fan and create a tub with a piece of paper to push air into his mouth. His new invention doesn’t go unnoticed by his girlfriend who quickly wakes up to ask what he’s doing. He comes up with an excuse and she goes back to sleep.

The following day, Dan feels extremely tired and decides to explain his situation to his new girlfriend. She completely understands and tells him to bring the CPAP next time.

Introducing the CPAP can always be an awkward conversation. Some sleeping partners might also find the machines disruptive to their sleep.

How to Avoid the CPAP Conversation

If you feel embarrassed about your CPAP, or want a treatment that isn’t annoying to travel with but will prevent you from snoring and stop breathing throughout the new, there are other treatment options available. Our Wilmington, NC sleep dentist can provide you with oral appliance therapy to treat your sleep apnea.

Whether you want to trade your CPAP for oral appliance therapy completely or just have an oral appliance handy during situations where you need to travel, it’s a good treatment option for most sleep apnea patients. Wearing an oral appliance is a lot like wearing a nightguard. It fits snugly in your mouth and opens your airway so you can breathe all night long. There isn’t a mask or tubes or a machine involved. It’s easy to clean and easy to travel with. You can also avoid the awkward CPAP conversation with new partners.

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