You probably read “side effects” and immediately thought cosmetic dentistry is all bad news. It’s actually the opposite! All the side effects of cosmetic dentistry are positive and they will benefit your oral health and quality of life immensely. Find out which side effects of cosmetic dentistry you need to prepare for.

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Increased Confidence

One of the first side effects of cosmetic dentistry you will experience is an increase in your self-confidence. Your self-confidence can play a huge role in all aspects of your life. If you don’t have much self-confidence, it can prevent you from excelling in your career, relationships, or education. You might not speak up in class or at work because you feel embarrassed about your smile. You might also do everything in your power to not draw attention to yourself or put a lot of effort into your relationships because you don’t want people to look at your smile.

Once you get cosmetic dentistry and look into the mirror and love your smile, your self-confidence will begin to transform. Your new-found confidence can help you speak up at work and get you a promotion. You might start participating more in meetings or at school. More confidence can also help your relationships flourish.

When you feel more confident, it will also help you smile more which overall makes you more approachable and liked. This can help you make new friends or meet the next love of your life. How could increased confidence change your life?

More Youthful Appearance

One of the first areas of appearance that will start showing signs of aging is your teeth. With age, your teeth can become worn, stained, discolored, and even change in shape. You might even lose a few teeth over the years. With cosmetic dentistry, our cosmetic dentist in Wilmington, NC can help restore your teeth to a youthful shape, color, and size. We can also replace missing teeth.

When your teeth are a whiter color, and the right shape and size, it can make you look years younger than your biological age. Cosmetic dentistry can help you look younger while also enhancing your overall health. These are benefits you won’t find with anti-aging creams or plastic surgery. Talk to our Wilmington cosmetic dentist to find out how cosmetic dentistry can help you look younger.

Enhanced Bite and Functionality

When we enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry, we don’t just look at your smile aesthetics. Instead, we take a comprehensive approach to enhance your bite and functionality. This means that your bite will rest in its most comfortable position and your teeth will function properly. Oftentimes, our patients have severely worn teeth so we will provide them with treatment, optimize their bite, and provide cosmetic treatments to restore the teeth back to their proper shape and size.

If you have missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry treatments to replace your missing teeth will also enhance your bite and overall functionality. Your smile will look beautiful while allowing you to enjoy your favorite food again.

Improved Oral Health

Before we can enhance your smile’s appearance, we must first ensure it’s healthy. You may require a dental cleaning, fillings, or a root canal before we can start your cosmetic procedures. But once we finish your cosmetic dentistry treatment, you will love your results so much that you will do everything in your power to maintain those results.

As a result, you will brush and floss your teeth regularly and possibly even invest in a better toothbrush! Additionally, you will visit the dentist every six months for a regular dental cleaning and checkup. You will also feel more obliged to wear your oral splint or nightguard if you’re a habitual night grinder or clencher. The more serious you take your oral health, the longer your cosmetic dentistry results can last.

Long-Lasting Results

When you invest in cosmetic dentistry, one of the best side effects is long-lasting results depending on which treatment you get. For example, if you get porcelain veneers, you can expect those veneers to last you for at least the next 15 to 25 years. With long-lasting results, you can look forward to many years of amazing cosmetic dentistry side effects.

Short Recovery

The last side effect of cosmetic dentistry is the short recovery time. Most treatments can be completed in one day and when they’re not, the recovery is not long-lasting. You will at the most only feel sore for a day or two depending on which treatment you get.

Get Cosmetic Dentistry in Wilmington, NC

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