Porcelain veneers are probably the most powerful procedure in cosmetic dentistry (with an acknowledged argument for dental implants). They can transform your entire smile, giving you a full set of beautiful teeth all at once. But what are the individual reasons why people ask for porcelain veneers? Here are the top five reasons why people request this powerful cosmetic dentistry procedure.

5: Congenital Tooth Problems

Sometimes people get a tooth that is small or oddly shaped. One common cause of this is retained baby teeth, which just look too small when surrounded by full size adult teeth. Although sometimes the roots are too small and the tooth has to be pulled and replaced with a dental implant, often the small tooth can be built up to full size with a porcelain veneer.

4: Worn Teeth

Our teeth are remarkably resistant to fracturing and wear. Considering the thousands of times each day that your teeth come together, the slight wear they receive is truly amazing. But it may not be amazing enough for some people, especially those with bruxism — teeth clenching and grinding — who find themselves with teeth that look worn and small.

Note: If you do have bruxism or TMJ, we will want to correct your bite problems to protect your veneers and prevent them from getting damaged the way your natural teeth were.

3: Tooth Trauma

If your tooth gets chipped or cracked, a porcelain veneer can be used to make it as good as new. Although there are other ways to repair a chipped tooth, porcelain veneers give the most attractive and longest-lasting results.

Note: If your tooth was cracked so severely that the structural integrity is in doubt, we will recommend a dental crown, and if the pulp inside was exposed, we will recommend a root canal procedure.

2: Stained or Eroded Teeth

Teeth don’t just wear on the top; they can be eroded on all sides by acids in your diet or that are present in your mouth because of vomiting or reflux disease (GERD). This can make your teeth look discolored as the thin enamel begins to expose the darker dentin within. Many people become aware of this when teeth whitening stops working and their teeth stay discolored. Porcelain veneers can cover teeth that are eroded this way, giving you a smile that is not only whiter, but stays white for longer as stain-resistant porcelain veneers can look attractive for a decade or more.

1: Smile Gaps

But probably the most common reason why people request porcelain veneers is to close a gap in their smile. Porcelain veneers can close that gap in your smile without waiting the time that it would take for orthodontics to move your teeth. In some cases, we might decide that orthodontics are the right choice after all, but porcelain veneers certainly offer an attractive option.

Unhappy with Your Smile?

Are you unhappy with your smile for these or any other reasons? Let us know, and we’ll evaluate your smile to determine whether porcelain veneers are right for you. Please call (910) 392-6060 for an appointment with a Wilmington, NC cosmetic dentist at Kuzma Advanced Dentistry.