When you smile, you want people to see your healthy teeth and gums. Bright white and the contrast with your gums and lips is the ideal combination to make for an attractive smile.

But what if you’ve got something else in your smile: dark black gaps around the bases of your teeth, known as “black triangles” can really be an unhappy addition to your smile.

Fortunately, we have several ways that we can approach this problem and give you back a healthy, full smile without the unsightly gaps caused by black triangles!

Don't let black triangles ruin your smile

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Many people develop black triangles around their teeth because they have receding gums. We’ll want to identify the cause of your receding gums, which has many common causes. Receding gums may be due to gum disease, or to toothbrushing that’s too aggressive. Oral piercings and orthodontic treatment can also contribute to receding gums. If you have TMJ or other bite problems, it can also contribute to receding gums.

Once we’ve identified the cause, we can treat it. And then we’ll recommend a treatment option.

The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique is a great approach for restoring your youthful, healthy gum position. There’s no need for an incision, just a pinhole, and there’s no gum graft, so there’s no donor site and no donor site discomfort.

We can cover exposed roots to reduce sensitivity and close up black triangles at the same time.

Close Gaps with BioClear

Part of the reason why we develop black triangles is because of the shape of our teeth: wide at the top and tapered to the root. For some people, this taper can be quite evident, even with little or no gum recession. That means that maybe the best way to close the gaps is to reshape your teeth.

BioClear allows us to reshape your teeth with a quick, efficient, and inexpensive procedure. It uses a flowable composite material to reshape your teeth and close the unsightly gaps between them.

BioClear is often described as veneers because it is a highly attractive procedure that is more durable and stain resistant than traditional dental bonding procedures, making it more similar to porcelain veneers than bonding.

Restore Damaged Teeth

Although BioClear’s advantages make it a great approach for most people, sometimes we want to utilize a stronger material when closing your black triangles. Especially if your teeth have been damaged by erosion, chipping, or wear, we might recommend a sturdier procedure. This may include porcelain veneers or dental crowns.

With veneers and crowns, we will reshape your teeth by bonding them to advanced ceramics. This will involve removing some of your natural tooth material, but the results can be worth it. Very attractive and highly durable, your new restorations can give you back a smile free of black triangles and can last for ten years or more.

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