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Why Are My Teeth Chipping?

You may be surprised to learn that the question, “Why are my teeth chipping?” is quite common for dentists in your area. A Wilmington, North Carolina, cosmetic dentist will often see patients whose teeth have chipped for no apparent reason. One answer to the question, “Why are my teeth chipping?” is tooth decay. While car accidents cause many people [...]

When Is Emergency Dental Care Urgent?

You’ve probably heard people say there’s nothing worse than a toothache. While that’s an example of hyperbole at its finest, there is no debating the fact that a toothache is painful and will likely ruin your whole day if left untreated. If your teeth or gums hurt, you will be miserable and do just about anything to find relief—including [...]

If a Cavity Hurts, Can a Dentist Save It?

A cavity is tooth decay. It’s a small hole that develops from bacteria eating away at your tooth's enamel (hard outer layer). A cavity is permanent damage, meaning that your body can’t heal it on its own, so you’ll need{{{{link id='102869' text=' intervention from a Wilmington dentist'}}}}. Cavities often develop from eating and drinking sugary or acidic foods without [...]

Tooth Erosion Can Lead to Reconstructive Dentistry

Most people are familiar with the risks of tooth decay, but not everyone is familiar with tooth erosion. In tooth erosion, the enamel of your teeth is removed by an acidic attack, similar to tooth decay. Unlike tooth decay, which tends to affect specific teeth at isolated regions, tooth erosion affects many or even all of your teeth at [...]

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