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Teeth Whitening

Whitening Products: Too Good to be True?

We’re obsessed with white teeth, but we’re less obsessed with jumping through the necessary hoops to get them. That’s why despite the fact that dentists’ in-office professional whitening treatments are consistently more effective than over-the-counter whitening products, we still invest our hopes in gimmicks that promise easy whitening. From drugstore strips that promise to
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Three Little Known Habits Making Your Teeth Yellow

Yellowing doesn’t happen overnight, it sneaks up on us. One day while we’re getting ready for work, we smile into the bathroom mirror and notice. The next thing we know, we’re covering our teeth when we smile, or we talk less during meetings. If you’re one of the many Americans embarrassed by their smile, you’re
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Shark Teeth Turn Black for the Same Reason as Yours?

Hunting for shark teeth is a popular weekend activity around Wilmington, NC. There are many places around here that draw people looking for shark teeth. If you’ve ever gone out with your kids to find shark teeth, they’ve probably asked you why shark teeth are black and not white like they are in the
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