Why Fix Receding Gums

Receding gums are common in the US because their main cause — gum disease — is almost universally suffered by American adults. This doesn’t mean that you should just accept receding gums. Instead, it’s important to get them treated because receding gums:

  • Look unattractive
  • Expose unattractive tooth roots
  • Can make teeth look crooked
  • Cause tooth sensitivity
  • Can lead to damaging root decay
  • Can increase risk of tooth loss

Your gums are an essential part of your smile. Your gums are supposed to be in balance with your teeth to create an attractive smile, and when they recede, they can make your smile look off. The tooth root, for example, isn’t supposed to be seen. It’s a dull color and can look unhealthy. And when you have an uneven gum line due to receding gums, it looks like your teeth aren’t lined up properly. Another alternative to correct the appearance of black triangles around the gum line is BioClear, which is especially good if you have other cosmetic complaints about your tooth or teeth.

But there are also practical reasons to fix receding gums. Gums are supposed to cover and protect your tooth roots and your jawbone. When your gums have receded, there’s not as much protection. That’s why your teeth feel sensitive to hot and cold — the tooth root is not as well insulated as the crown.

The root also isn’t as hard and resistant to tooth decay. Once your roots begin to decay, it can be harder to preserve a damaged tooth. Tooth loss can occur because of decay or because gum disease is allowed to advance and attack your jawbone.


before Chao Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation


after Chao Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation

Why Chao Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation Is Different

It’s possible you considered fixing your receding gums with a gum graft in the past. You decided not to get it because of the discomfort, expense, and healing time involved. Now, though, there’s a better way to fix receding gums: Chao Pinhole® Surgery.

In the traditional gum graft surgery, tissue is cut away from a donor site, typically the roof of your mouth, then stitched in place where your gums have receded. But in Chao Pinhole® surgery, gum rejuvenation takes place all at the site where your gums have receded. Local gum tissue is repositioned to cover your exposed roots. It is then held in place not with stitches, but with a collagen glue. Collagen is a natural tissue that already makes up most of your gum tissue, and it helps your gums heal in place.

The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique has many benefits:

  • Less discomfort
  • No need for a donor site
  • Faster healing
  • No scalpel
  • As good or better results

Because of these benefits, the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is growing rapidly in popularity both among dentists and patients as it spreads coast to coast.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique or other gum contouring options, please call (910) 392-6060 or email Kuzma Advanced Dentistry.