What is Facial Rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation is sometimes called a non-surgical facelift. It consists of one or a series of dental services that restore the shape of your face by rebuilding your teeth.

Missing teeth have a significant impact on your appearance, but they also have a big impact on your jawbone. Your jawbone needs stimulation from chewing and biting, so it knows to continue restoring and replacing bone cells. Just like any other part of your body, when you don’t use it, your body thinks it is unnecessary and stops putting energy into it. You stimulate your jawbone through your teeth roots. When you don’t have a tooth root, your body begins to assume your jawbone is unnecessary and starts to lose its shape. If you’re missing only one tooth, you may not notice this. But if you miss many or all your teeth, the space between your chin and nose will start to decrease, giving you a sunken look and wrinkles. Long-time denture wearers are great candidates for facial rejuvenation, especially when your dentures are old and ill-fitting. Dentures that don’t fit great put uneven pressure on your gums and can even speed up the loss of your jawbone.

By restoring your teeth, the skin on your cheeks, lips, and neck is supported and smoothed out to its original shape. And the space between your chin and nose will be restored to its proper height. Some common appearance complaints that facial rejuvenation can improve are as follows.

  • Changed lip shape such as thin, compressed, and wrinkled lips.
  • Jowls (this appears as excess fat and sagging skin at your jawline)
  • A deep crease between your chin and lower lip.
  • A squished or sunken-looking face.
  • Hollow cheeks

Facial Rejuvenation Dental Services

In Wilmington, we use Fountain of Youth Cosmetic Dentures and Full Mouth Reconstruction to rejuvenate your youth.

Fountain of Youth Dentures

You might think, “but dentures don’t stimulate your jaw bone; why would I get dentures?” Fountain of Youth Dentures are different. This cosmetic denture is designed to restore the shape of your face instead of just replacing teeth. These dentures are made of high-quality ceramics and are custom-made to restore your youthful smile.

When you get Fountain of Youth Dentures to rejuvenate your face in Wilmington, you can expect them to look great, function great, and fit perfectly in your mouth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction is a series of dental treatments that rejuvenate your youthful appearance. While the specifics of the procedure are customized to each individual’s needs, a full mouth reconstruction usually consists of dental implants. If you’re missing all your teeth or are a long-time denture wearer who still has adequate jawbone density, our reconstructive dentist will recommend all-on-4 dental implants. This service is four dental implants on the top and four on the bottom that permanently connects to ceramic dentures. The dental implant acts at the tooth root and stimulates your jawbone to prevent further loss. A significant benefit of a full mouth reconstruction is that you never have to take your teeth out. They stay in your mouth and act like natural teeth.

Restoring the height of your teeth with a full mouth reconstruction will smooth wrinkles, reduce sagging skin, and avoid a sunken appearance. Call your Wilmington dentist today at (910) 392-6060 or an appointment.

Why Choose a Non-Surgical Facelift?

A non-surgical facelift offers many benefits over a surgical procedure.

  • No downtime for recovery.
  • It’s not a major surgery.
  • You’ll fit any bite issues at the same time.

The Process

Since our Wilmington dental office provides custom care, the facial rejuvenation process is different for everyone. If you’re getting Fountain of Youth Dentures, it’ll take less time than a full-mouth reconstruction.

Fountain of Youth Dentures

First, schedule your consultation with Dr. Kuzma. You’ll sit down with him to discuss your current oral health and goals, and he’ll examine your mouth, gums, teeth, and jaws to determine which type of dental treatment is right for you. If you decide on Fountain of Youth Dentures, he’ll take impressions of your mouth and use advanced technology to determine the proper proportions of your face. Then, you’ll wait for Dr. Kuzma to create your dentures. Once they’re ready, you’ll return to our Wilmington dental office for an appointment to get your dentures.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

First, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kuzma. He’ll go through the same steps as the Fountain of Youth Dentures, such as an examination, getting to know you, and understanding your goals.

Next, you’ll schedule your dental implant surgery. While it is surgery, it’s not major, and you won’t have too much downtime.

On the day of your dental implant surgery, have someone drive you to and from the office. After your surgery, take the day to rest. Dr. Kuzma will give you temporary dentures while your dental implants heal for 3-4 months.

Once healed, you’ll return for your permanent set of beautiful teeth.

Regain Your Youth in Wilmington with Facial Rejuvenation

Are you ready to regain your youth? Call (910) 392-6060 or make an appointment online with Dr. Kuzma. Get ready to love your smile and appearance!